That is, art behind a digital curtain. It is opened with a simple gesture. Entrance ticket – imagination. Unlimited amount of time spent in the world theater network. Good tea recommended. Desirable concentration. It will be global, innovative and virtual.

We invite humorous and witty poets and malcontents, those with fantasy and those who have not yet discovered the power of creation. We are waiting for big, small, strong, fat, weak, frail, with and without dysfunction. Women and fathers with children are welcome. 50+, 500+, 5000+ will not leave the theater unsatisfied. We let non-normative couples in without presenting the relevant documents. We provide discretion!

We will climb to the heights of imagination, swing in the vapors of the absurd, touch the ground not obviously, ask questions and look for answers, wander back and forth – to learn the mystery of man, look into the recesses of the soul, listen to extraordinary stories and tell an extraordinary story about a diverse world.

We accompany an inquisitive, spontaneous viewer, resistant to schemas and a lack of sense of humor.We stand next to his emotions, desires and needs. We combine the past with the present, day and night, fiction with reality, man with the cosmos.




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