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Poznan Foundation of Art is a non-profit organization created by 4 people closely connected with art production in December 1989 in Poznan, Poland. People, whom goal was to create a place for art without boundaries, non-commercialized actions which will educate people and bring them closer to understand the meaning of word “art”, were driven by idea that art should be for people, not for money. These people with different resources, background education wanted to present a modern way to help artists to realize their projects, educate people and kids, serve a purpose where art could be found and understood by everybody in freshly developing democratic country in the end of its communistic age.


Poznan Foundation of Art                                                                                                                                                                                            61-884 Poznań, ul. Rybaki 22/22,  Poland                                                                                                                                                                    e-mail adres.sztuki@gmail.com  www.interteatr.pl


Bogdan Żyłkowskipresident of the board  actor, educator, director, animator of „cosmic” life, not only artistic

Joanna Waluszkovice-president of the board  composer and audio designer, actress-performer

Zbigniew Kozub-vice-president of the board  organ player, composer of instrumental, vocal, choral, electroacoustic and film music, university lecturer



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