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The POZNAN FOUNDATION OF ART is in need of modernization, re-structuralization and new international corporate business identity which will help to introduce it to a new international market and hopefully, by entering and becoming more international, will create needed awareness to gather new resources for successful cooperation with different artistic groups and corporations.

The POZNAN FOUNDATION OF ART can seek its competitive advantage among other organizations by improving service and product differentiation or, and creatively using channels of distribution, or and exploring relationship with suppliers.

Since POZNAN FOUNDATION OF ART has already established international cooperation with Germany, Denmark, Ukraine, France and Italy they poses resources and knowledge in organizing international collaborations, which means that POZNAN FOUNDATION OF ARTcreatively uses channels of distribution as it creates its reputation internationally as well as nationally and does not limit itself within a boarders.

As an art organization, POZNAN FOUNDATION OF ART improves their services after collaborations on the projects that they worked with which also, by gained experience, has a big influences on their product differentiation. As an open-minded art organization every project results in different product with different results, every product is unique.

The relationship with potential international suppliers is a big advantage but would not bemeaningful if a good relationship with already existing suppliers would not be established. POZNAN FOUNDATION OF ART has a long term collaboration with its suppliers that among whichis CK Zamek which allows organization to use its resources for realizing projects.

The POZNAN FOUNDATION OF ART surrounds the artists and other organizations that cooperates with their support and care for their development and promotion of their work to include joint andinterdisciplinary activities. Projects symbols of The POZNAN FOUNDATION OF ARTmet with great interest the spectators, media and critics. Took part in them dozens of artists: actors, musicians, dancers, artists, students, high school, high school students, adults and children, etc.

As a service provider POZNAN FOUNDATION OF ART is very focused on their ability to beable to satisfy needs of their consumers’ and constituencies. As service and product of the foundation delivers a unique experience for they end consumers who have a need to satisfy their hunger for art. The POZNAN FOUNDATION OF ART provides mentoring, realization and technical assistance in obtaining funds for projects submitted in music, photography, art and theater categories and applications for grants for the realization of public tasks.


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